Time to place your bet…

The gamble is on and the female Mc is down, which is quite unexpected but still good after all it means there will development in someone’s character. Also, the twin sister plans to take the throne from her sister, my head is always spinning whenever I watch this anime (Kakegurui S-2, episode 3), but with my spinning head here are,

My Thoughts:
I’ll be true when I watched the female Mc in pain while lying down on the sofa I was thinking that she is enjoying it, but that might not be the case or it is.
The episode was good but I liked the last few scenes when Mc got serious for his girl and now it is going to be intresting, because it’s time to see weird faces of Mc.

It was a good episode but I am more interested in the next episode.
My score would be 7.5/10


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