Lovely Complex- Why is it one of the best all-time romance anime?

I have wathced this anime a long time back and each episode is still fresh in my mind. Whenevr you search for the best romance anime of all time, you will see this name in that list. And after you watch it you come to realize that yes it is “the best of all time”(for me specailly). Let’s have more deep talk about this anime.

My Thoughts:
This anime is old so you can’t expect the artwork to be hell great like today time, neither you can expect that it would have great Op and a Closing song like today’s anime, but it has something that will tell you all about love.

That warmness in every romance scene….

What does this anime have for you:
Love is blind, (difference in height of Mc and female)
You don’t start to love someone but fall in love,
About relationship,
Handling your boyfriend Ex,

Also as a bonus you will get a trap,

Traps will alway’s rule…

Reason to be “The all-time best Romance Anime”:
They have shown all about the relationship in a perfect way that you will eventually laugh, get angry, get sad and then fall in love with this anime.

I don’t like to give a detailed review because that’s what I suck at and don’t want you all guys to be bored. So my overall thought’s is that this anime will always remain as a Gem and really hope that no one dares to remake this anime nor the second season because it will only make bad as know one can make it the same as before.

My Score: Is there even any reason to tell score? But still 10000000……/10

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