I hate this man more than that bitc*

We all know that, that women are just a pure bit** but I still hate this man more than her (won’t take their name because I hate them too much). But whatever, I can’t be angry alway’s so let’s talk about episode 4 of “Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari”.

I also need a hug…

My Thoughts:
I had read the manga and was prepared for it. I was prepared for this episode but still… this little heart can’t take these all emotions.
The battle was great and the MC defeted his opponent we know that except in reality we had some interferenece. But the main thing was after the battle scene where the Mc and his partner grow more close, more deep bonds and surely our Raphtalia has grown more mature.

I really enjoyed the episode and don’t wish to watch other hero’s than Mc, but you know what’s going to come…..
Hint: Say “L” and then say “O” and then “L” and then “you know it”

My score: 8.5/10


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