I think you have been disappointed

You can be true to me and I know what you had thought in that dirty mind of yours when you saw the poster of this Anime- “Rinshi Ekoda Chan”, if not then it means that you have read the manga. With my disappointment and some seriousness let’s see what it has.

what do you mean by naked chat?

About Anime: (self-made)
The anime will have 12 episodes each episode will be played by a different person (the character- Ekoda chan will be same) who will tell all women’s, how to survive in a society.
They will also tell you about there daily life and in the end, we will get to see some beautiful girls and old men (I don’t want to see him) having a talk.

What was the need for this anime?
[Guy’s it’s time to get serious]
Japan is one of those 145 countries which take gender quality seriously, but still the women that are working is only 20% as compared to men which are 80%, also their economic growth has stopped (don’t know how), not like they are not earning anything but, they are getting slower and slower growth.
So this anime tries to tell all the women in Japan that it’s time for them to show what women can do and try there best to survive in this society as they are the main bone of the society and uplift the growth of the country.

(Had to think and research a lot for this post so leave a like, Ok?)

It’s a great anime which tell us about the daily life of working women’s in society, so check it out if you are interested.

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