Ero Manga Sensei anime review

Done with watching old men and very beautiful girls from Ekoda chan, now it’s time for something cute, something really cute, something with damn cuteness and it’s this Ero manga Sensei, the little sister.

About Anime
One male and one female, their parents get married to each other and then we have a beautiful cute little sister and a step-brother.
(Don’t you dare think something lewd)
It has some good opening and closing music and the best thing is their artwork.

hey lying is bad…

My Thoughts:
I think that this anime was not bad as people say about it as this anime focus on every character in an equal amount as compared to other harem anime where the focus is only on Mc and there is only fan service.
This anime has a good plot and good art with a focus on every character.

the art is really good…

It was enjoying and great to watch it. The main feature is its art which is really good. I think that this anime is way better than any other harem anime with only fan service and that’s why we have OVA going on.

My score: 8/10

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