Down!!! I said down you cameraman!!!!!

Hoping to see something but I can’t see it.
Alright then the today’s episode no. 4 of “Domestic Na Kanojo” was all about commitment and relationship, And after watching it and talking it about the relationship with my friends who are in relation, here are my thought’s on today’s episode.

A wise decision…

My Thoughts:
Many of you will think that it’s a stupid decison to stick with a man who is taking 2 years to take divorce with his wife and still saying he needs some time. Surely that makes the girl dumb and the author not having any experience in love or relationship, but is it true?
We are not talking about some strong nature women here, it’s just a normal women/girl we are talking, and when a pure hearted girl says that she loves him it means that she is serious and that’s the reason why I think it’s hard for our sensei to breakup afterall it’s her first love.
But still she broke with him.

No matter what you had in your mind but to me, the way author present this complex relationship and set’s question on relationship is beautiful and well done.

My Score: 9/10


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