What are you making her say!!!!!!!!!!!

This guy really makes me angry but what can I do after all we are not a 2d character but I do can tell you about my thoughts about today’s episode no. 4 of Date a Live.

Is this it? Betrayal…

My Thoughts:
I am hoping that you have watched the episode so I am directly going to talk about my thoughts on it.
The episode was gooooooood for me as I get to see a lot’s of loli and there cute laugh, cry, and other emotions. Also it seems like that Witch is in his harem now.
The episode was enjoying and good afterall when you have little girls in your anime it will be cute, But hey there might be a betrayl in his harem.

It was enjoying but I really want a mil* (can’t say openly) in his harem also I am waiting for that clock girl to make an appereance.

My Score: 8/10


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