Swimsuits? Ok!!! Girls? OK!!!!

Summer = Beach = Girls in swimsuit = i’ll stop here as i might get banned.
Alright, guys, it’s episode 4 of Endro, all the girls are on the beach now but I am not on beach neither outside with any girl so all I can do is tell my emotional thoughts:

Are you full now?

Emotional Thoughts:
I am sad because I have never gone to the beach and episode like this really makes me angry but still have to tell you guys my thought while putting a stone on my heart.
To me this episode was the best as the start of the episode was with a cute demon lord and the end was funny as that so-called evil god got eaten and that scene was really good and funny to me.

To me, the start and the end were really good but I will say this that I liked Sei Chan swimsuit better than all. FLAT IS JUSTICE!!!!

My Score: 7.5/10


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