So Cute… but they made some changes

No doubt that Filo is so cute but hey I think they made some changes as in manga they showed her real form in the slave market but in this episode, she showed her real form before that scene. Not that I hate it but you know what I do hate it if I don’t tell you guys about my thoughts on episode 5 of Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari.

Call the whole world cops…..

My Thoughts:
The introduce of new character was good and our Mc is finally been recognized by other hero’s not that spear hero. It was same as in the manga.
The race was good and the loli was also the best, it was a great episode. There wasn’t anythung special but still and enjoyable episode, also we got to see the queen.

When the loli said our Mc her master I reall thought that he is living his life to fullest. An enjoyable epsiode.

My Score: 7 + 2.5 (for loli)/10


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