One decent character…

This twin sister is the only character that I think is decent and she is really goooooood or a beauty, but she might be faking so let’s see in the upcoming episodes and for now let’s review it.


My Thoughts:
It’s a psychological anime and only has female main characters but it’s a good anime but the character development is kinda missing…
I really like this anime and had watched the season 1 and in season 2 I really hope that other character will also get there development but mann… no there is not much development so far and it’s making me want to leave this anime until this episode as in the last scene it showed that someone was acting fake, I know who is that person but still i am hoping for something.

It was a good episode and I really liked this twin sister and hope she will good development in future but right now it was a good episode to pass the time.


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