Didn’t expected this outcome…

Thought that I would start filling my empty anime heart with this anime and watch the love moments of Mc and the girl but…. Her is the talk on episode 6 of “Dororo”.

Even I will do the same…

My Thoughts:
The episode was good and the battle was also good especially that face of Mc filled with the blood.
Mc got his voice and the first time he felt the joy of loving someone (women) but she died and he also gets to feel those emotions which we never had seen so far. The episode wasn’t something enjoyable but rather a serious and mature one which I didn’t want to see so fast.

No matter if I hate it or not but the outcome was good as it will help him in growing and let’s hope for the good episode and let mc have met his mother and his brother also.

My Score: 8/10


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