Reason for no more updates or posts…

I’ll be straight, there is some govt. work going on in my area which results in the cut of internet connection, not just the internet but simpl calling service also, thus, no internet means no more updates.

It’s not like the service doesn’t start, it starts but the speed is almost around 50-100kbps, which means, in reality, the speed is around 5-10KB/ps thus I can’t even see any anime anymore till this issue will be on-going.

But still, somehow I managed to get the connection back by talking with internet provider but can’t promise for regular updates till 24 because after that the govt. issues will be resolved (hope that’s true).

But right now the speed is just ok so I’ll watch all the episodes possible (by skipping a few minutes scenes) and give my small talk on this week’s anime.


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