Becoming Somebody

Choosing thumbnail or featured image for this post was really hard, but still managed it.
The episode was good and we got to see the old man’s true nature, also the back story of how Reigin get into this business, so let’s start talking about the episode7 of MobPyscho s2.

You are someone..,

My Thoughts:
I don’t really have much to say on this episode as it was just about the Regin’s back life, and what made him into this business.
Also, we got to see Mob in his child form. The episode was good and the message it gave or tried to gave us was that, everyone has someone (idol) or wants to be someone or somebody for others. Here Regin wanted to be somebody for Mob and Mob was also someone for Regin.

It was quite psychological to understand what Reigin was thinking but still somehow managed to understand it and also helped my friends who weren’t able to understand the episode.
It was great and a good serious episode.

My Score: 7.5/10


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