Facing Harsh Reality!!

Well, the episode was a bit mature and I hope that you are ready for the more mature episode which will be coming soon but for now, let’s talk about the episode 7 of Domestic Na Kanojo.

No peeking please…

My Thoughts:
The episode was great though there were some no I think it was only one mistake in art but still it was great.
The episode conveyed the harsh reality of any type of Incest Love, as it tells that if you ever fall in incest love and you confess your feeling to another partner then be ready to throw away everything, if not ready then that’s nothing more than attraction.
A great episode, music was great and I can’t complain anything about this anime so far.

It’s really hard to make anime which can show the harsh reallity about any topic but this here…, they are doing great.
It was a great episode

My Score: 8/10


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