Human to Spirit Transformation?

The internet problem is finally settled so the regular updates will again be started and for today let’s talk about episode 7 of Date a Live s3.


My Thoughts:
Origami changing into a spirit herself is the best thing that I might have seen in all season not as best as best as my fav. character in this anime (which is Kurumi).
Her spirit form is the best in all spirits including my fav. as her form is pure white, which kinda gives the vibes of a princess to me and that sound in the background when she was in the spirit form really made me feel like she might become the future spirit queen or princess.
The battle and the effects used in it was great, so nothing to complain much in this episode.
I really like the battle but…..

No doubt the episode was great but the reason I was waiting for this episode a lot was because of Kurumi appearing in it, though she appeared, it was for a few seconds only, still, it was a great episode and hope that in the future it will turn to be greater.

My Score: 8.5/10


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