The reason she fall in love

I first had food then watched this episode because I needed some strength to see upcoming blood’s in this episode which I expected but, the creators never cease to surprise me. It was a good and lovely episode and I really hope that you will also read my lovely thoughts on episode 7 of Dororo.

A little development…

My Thoughts:
I never once thought that there will be any romance style episode after some previous episode’s they surprised me with this episode.
It wasn’t loving between human to human, it was love between a human and monster, not like beauty and the beast (the man was cursed, ok!!).
The episode conveyed that not every monster is bad, there are monster’s who wants to change and be accepted but we humans are the one who doesn’t want to open and I think that’s true, as it’s our psychology to think negative about those things which we make us scared.

It was a great episode with a great theme and message also we get to see some character development in Mc, as he smiled.

My Score: 8/10


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