Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie review

You can be true to me, ok?… How many of you watched this movie for Plot or story rather than battle?
For me, I watched the battle only than the story. Afterall we all know that when you got a great action scene’s in your show and some die-hard fans for your character’s then you don’t need any plot.

It’s true ok!!!… So sorry if it hurts you but for now let’s get into the main show, which is,

When you see this dance, You know what’s going to come…

My Thoughts:
The movie was great and I am a great fan of Dragon Ball for there fight scenes and that alone matters me a lot. The fight was the best of all the fight I ever had seen.
The music in the background changed whenever the fight gets more intense and the graphics quality was on the whole new level and sometimes felt like 3d or might be 3d.
It was just worth it Mann… It’s worth to spend money.

So let’s start scoring:

Plot: 6.5 or 7/10
I know the movie was great but the plot was just ok, so please don’t get angry after all my alone thoughts won’t matter much.

Graphics or Artwork: 8.5/10
The graphics quality were great no doubt but, there were some mistakes but, that was only when there was no fight so don’t worry your fight scenes won’t be affected.

Music: 7/10
I am not a great music director or a singer so don’t have much to say except that the music was just good not great or amazing, just good.
Again this is my alone thought’s, OK…

Special Effects: 9/10
Is there even any need to talk about it but still let’s talk about it.
I love those sounds or effect whenever there fist clashes. and the rock’s get destroyed. I loved that effect, that sound, and that fight.

Voicing or Voice actors: 8/10
I don’t know just how much hard work they have to do so I just give it 8 but not sure whether it was OK or not.

Overall: 8.5/10
A great movie action alone can’t give you full scores.
I loved the battle but when it comes to story and plot, it wasn’t that great. So this is my score.

The best fight scene of dragon ball series…

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