It’s here, Shield of Vengence

Won’t give you the look of the shield because I want you all to watch the episode.
This is episode 8 of “Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari” or “The Rising Of The Shield hero”, where we will get to see the best or the most powerful shield Mc could ever have and my afterthoughts on it.

My Thoughts:
The effect when the evil shield started showing itself was best or amazing.
The effects were great, the zombie dragon was great and also our cute 2 girls were also great. When Filo was eaten even I got scared that time but she is alright, if not that I would have sued the whole studio.
It was a good episode, though there was not much action still we got to see some good effects and Mc now believes more on his companion, thus he has grown up.

Hell yeah I was worried…

I won’t say it was great but still, we got to see the new shield and know that if he wields that evil shield then he is almost unstoppable. Also, there is some character development in Mc.

My Score: 7.8/10
Would have loved it if there was some more action


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