Natsume’s Book of Friends anime review

Finally, I am doing it.
This is not one of my Best Anime but “The Best Anime for Always”

Before telling my thoughts on this anime let me tell you that I am not going to talk a lot and give every season review, I will just give my own overall thoughts and the reason of being the best.
So if you want to read a full review then you can visit,
Irina’s blog:
and read all the reviews from episode to the seasons.

Also, there were 2 main review’s which I liked so you can read them also:
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Alright, sharing stuff is over and now let’s read my thoughts:

Sensei is funny…

Slice of life tag is the tag I hate a lot because it’s about the everyday life of a person and when we watch the same stuff, again and again, we get bored and eventually drop it. That’s why I hate it but this anime here has the same tag but it never made me bored. This is one of those anime which has shown how an anime is made under this so-called slice of life tag.
But is that the only reason it is my best? No, So what is it?

My answer is here:
Most of the time we watch anime or get interested in anime because of its art and music, and we fall in love with it when it gives us a feeling which we could never get when we watch other anime, but yeah there are anime which can give you a great feeling like Usagi No Drop and if it’s about artwork then Violet Evergarden, which also has a great music, then what does this anime have that makes me say, that this is my best anime, when I have watched more than thousands of anime till today?

Great story but no great art, has a slow going character development but has great end music, opening music is ok and voice actors have also done a good job but still not enough to satisfy your question?.

This anime………… has its own charm……….., music….. that makes you want to listen again and again………., a story that will never let you get bored and a feeling of being wanted and understanding that you need to smile in your life.

My best episode: Natsume Yuujinchou San Episode 4
Thought that Mc will kiss the ghost

This is the only anime which never made me bored and I never skip a part of every episode or a whole episode. I don’t know what or how can I reason with you guys and tell why it is my best. But if you are still not satisfied with all my answers then give it a shot and you will know it yourself.

My score: I don’t think I can ever score it

My best song from this anime is:
From “Natsume Yuujinchou Go“, the end music:
“Akane Sasu” by Aimer

That’s it and thank you if you have read it all,
And it’s quite a long thought…. {Sorry}

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