She is The Strongest Angle

“Yod Bet”, her ultimate skill which can send you back in time. Now that’s just…. woooooooooooww
Kurumi is my fav. character and always thought that she is the strongest one but after watching this episode I think she is now OP with her time travel skill. Now let’s leave things aside and hope you will listen to my thoughts on this episode.

This is episode 8 of Date A Live season 3 and my thoughts.

My Thoughts:
Yod Bet the best skill in Date A Live series.
It was quite a shock that the one who killed Origami’s parent was her and she lost herself in darkness but we know Mc will protect her.
It was a great episode after all I could see Kurumi while using her skill and every time that clock animation comes with that sound… I just love it.
Also, it seems like Origami is now one of the strongest angles and that’s for sure after seeing her skill and power level.
Nothing to say mann… it was really a great episode.

We can tell that something has happened in past…

It was really enjoying and one more time I will say it Kurumi is my fav. so yeah I loved this episode more because of her.
It was a great episode.

My Score: 8.5/10


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