Behind every smile, there is something sad

The episode was a look into the past of the Mc’s partner and his name is Dororo, it’s confusing me now.
Don’t know what the whole episode is all about but we surely know that one day Mc and his father will collide against each other. But that has some time but you ain’t got time to listen to my thoughts.

My Thoughts:
Quite a shock for me to know that Dororo (mc’s partner) is a name of that kid also that he belongs to a strong tribe.
We can see that Dororo’s tribe were very strong and from all those things and till this episode, I think that this war and those official are all from the Mc’s father and surely the kid will take his revenge by killing him.
It’s really quite confusing and said.

We got to look at the past of both characters now and they both have gotten closer to each other and have more understanding now. Sad but a great episode.

My Score: 7.9/10


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