In this corner of the world anime movie Review

I was really hyped when I see trailer’s about this movie and thought that this will be a great movie after-all it’s about what was going on or happened in Japan when the World War was going on.
And yeah it was one of the best experience I had.

So are you ready to hear sorry not hear but read my thoughts on it? I’ll take it as yes.

My Thoughts:
This is what it means to be One of The Best for me in Anime Movie’s list.
……I don’t have words to properly say anything, I thought I could do it and make a great post but… I have no words….
I’ll get straight to the point and start scoring it.


Plot/Story: 9/10
I loved the story and the way they conveyed what was going on and how everyone felt at that time was great.

the art is at The Best

Art: 10/10
It was a watercolor illustration or artwork and it put depth into this whole scene. It felt like I am seeing a flashback or something. Great

voice acting: 10/10
This might be the first time I am putting this category here.
The voice performance was really something. It was smooth but different. I mean to say that every character had a smooth and calm voice but you can tell the characters emotion by just hearing there voice.
They really put a whole new life in the characters.

Effects and Background or Environment: 9/10
There weren’t many special effects but we can hear it clearly that they had put a lot of effort in background noise, which makes you feel that the pictures are alive and you are right next to them.
The studio which made is awesome.

Music: 10/10
Music was… emotional, calm, sad, I don’t know…. Loved it, that’s the only thing I could say.

I can feel your sadness…

Overall Score: 9.5/10
The message they want to convey or show the world from where they started their journey, I had got it. And it feels great that I have watched this movie and felt all those emotion they wanted to show me. It’s…. mannn… No words.

Be sure to watch it if you haven’t if you had the be sure to tell me your experience. Thought it’s all up to you.

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