Huh? New Character

Mc got a new Loli companion by his side… Yahooo…
The new episode has shown us a new character and if you have watched this episode then you know who she is.

So let’s not throw some spoilers if you had not watched the episode yet and talk about those words which are moving inside my brain.

My Thoughts:
A kick and someone goes flying into the sky, Do you know him?
The episode was good. Filo got a new friend who is at the same age as her and also we got to know about skills or effect on her feathers. And also the best thing we could ask is Filo face to face with Spear hero and you know it don’t you? Filo hates him.
It was a good and funny episode also we come to know that not everyone is bad in this world. Hope that Mc could leave his past and move on and accept people’s warmth.

I can see him flying…

So far the anime had been good and funny at the same time. It’s great so far and we can see that more character development will be shown in upcoming episodes.

My Score: 8/10


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