Now that’s a cliffhanger

What do you think guys, Did Mc do it or not?
He did or not that’s something we can only know in the next episode but for now, shall we talk about some words which want to come outside my brain.
Shall we?

This is episode 9 of Date a Live season 3

My Thoughts:
Loli Kurumi and The Phantom
I thought he would do it in one time but he but he couldn’t and thanks to that I got to see little Kurumi.
It was a moment of bliss but in second-time travel, we got to see the Phantom also and the way she behaved, it felt like maybe she is in his harem list or not. It’s confusing but we do know one thing that is the Phantom is strong, she has the power to stop time (i think) or movement or space and can also predict the future.
Whatever it is I liked it and really, it was a good episode.

Hey the image is not distorted, this is how phantom looks like

The Phantom, who has the power to stop time or space (that’s what I think) and Kurumi, who can time travel, now that’s what I loved it. Seems like these 2 will be my fav. angels.
Whatever it was a good episode and I enjoyed it.

My Score: 7.5/10


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