Chinese Manhua/Manhwa with a cute Loli as Mc?

I was thinking to give a movie review but I accidentally saw this Chinese manhua/manhwa, poster where it had a loli on it. You know the rest of the story.

This is “Meng Shi Zai Shang” or “The Distinguished Cute Master” manhua/manhwa and my thoughts on after reading all of it.

My Thoughts:
It turned out to be good.
While reading I was hoping that it won’t turn out to be bad but it turned out to be really good. The story is good and the characters are funny. I loved it.
Surely this is your avg. styled reincarnate to another world manhua/manhwa but it’s better then the avg. ones.
So far there are only 13 chapters but still, those 13 chapters made me wonder how good it will in the future?.

Want to know who he is? Then read the manhua/manhwa

It’s good. I mean it has action, fantasy world, reincarnation, good story, funny memes, it’s colored, a romance which will surely happen in the future and the biggest bonus a Loli (AS MC). What more can you ask?

My Score: 8/10
So far it’s great but the only drawback is that there are lot’s of white space and it only has 13 chapter’s so far. So we have to wait for more and then see how good it is.

Be sure to check it out!!!


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