Dororo Episode 10- Afterthoughts

This time they are the center of the episode and it seems like Mc’s little brother is strong and fearless, as he showed us in this episode by fighting against that monster.
But let’s leave those aside as this is not the episode but my thoughts on this episode.

your big brother has done the job…

My Thoughts:
The episode was good as we can now know that Mc’s little brother is a good administrator as compared to his father. It was great to see the mother of Mc and how she is worried for him also.
Also, the best thing about this episode was when Mc came out of nowhere and slashed the monster, it was great also that moment when Mc and his little brother saw each other face to face.

But this episode broke my heart because of this

wait!!!…. that left one is HE?????….. I am hurt man…

It was really great for me to see the beautiful mother and that trap. Also, the episode was good and we can see the story is progressing as Mc might meet his father in the next couple of episode.

My Score: 7.5/10
Wanted to give more score as I got to see beautiful mother but I have to be harsh.


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