Funny episode but had a good fight

Hello guys, this is me and yeah we are talking about the one and only Mob Psycho 100 season 2 episode 10 which was really good.

Alright, let’s not waste time and let’s see what my thoughts are.

My Thoughts:
Psychic Muscle vs Natural Muscle
The comedy was there as we got Reigin in a fight scene but what made this episode great was when Dimple takes over Shigeo and then fight with that muscle man.
I really loved that fight scene, though it was for a few seconds still it was good. For me, that alone a few seconds fight was enough but surely I want more.

You can win fight with Brain and Luck…

Muscle build with everyday training and muscle born with psychic strength which is stronger. Man, that theme was good. But the Mc is awake and the main fight will begin soon.

My Score:8.5/10


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