Welcome to Opera House…

When I first saw Greya in Princess dress I fall in love with her one more time but when I listened to Hanna san’s music I was just blown away.

Let’s not waste time and read what my thoughts are for her music.
This is episode 8 of “Manaria Friend”.

My Thoughts:
I am a music lover.
I really felt like the episode was short but I can’t complain about it and watch the episode, again and again, to make it look long.
I love listening to music, especially this slow-paced music as they have a lot of feeling in it and after hearing his opera I just come to realize that music is really something.
A very peaceful and beautiful episode.

She is really cute when she is nervous…

It was a well-themed episode and it felt like knowing more about music (for me)

My Score: 8/10


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