Those lips are dangerous…

The next episode is about….. I think we all know that. Also, the episode was avg. as the Mc goes place to place and solves the problem left by other heroes.

This is episode 10 of Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari or The Rising of The Shield Hero.

A Normal Thought:

It was good and we can see that he is unwelcomed by people and other heroes but there is this hero (don’t know the name) black one which we saw in this episode, do believe in Mc also we have a queen who is expecting high things from her.

She looks cute no matter what she does…

The storm is coming and our filo is ready to kick those storm but let’s see what will happen in the next episode.

Above the average but still, good to pass the time but we will get to see some action in the next episode

My Score: 7/10


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