It’s just family bonding nothing else OK!!

I know what you guys are thinking after watching this image but it’s just family bonding that’s it, don’t get any lewd thoughts ok!!!…

Alright then let’s cut the chase and read some thoughts on this new episode 10 of Domestic Na Kanojo or in international English language Domestic Girlfriend.

My Thoughts:
It’s Drama
The episode started with a good and family bonding scene and ended to broken heart one.
Once again, the music played at the back when Rui found the truth was just great and put some great emotional vibe.
I was knowing that this would turn like this but still, it was sad but Mc was also at fault as he didn’t stay true to his feelings and kept on giving false hopes.

I can understand you…

It was great and the drama was also great.

My Score: 8/10


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