The music in the back is just…

When this scene started and the music changed suddenly along with those vibes was just amazing.

Let’s not waste time and get into it, this is episode 10 of Date a Live Season 3 along with my thoughts:

My Thoughts:
Changing the mood
The start of the episode was just usual and once again those harem moments which makes us all jealous. It was just an avg. episode and I felt like dropping it but the second I saw Kurumi, I thought I’ll wait longer and yeah it was good to not drop it.
When this scene started (See featured image), the music in the back, just changed the whole mood and those effects along with Black Armor…
It was lit man… the music was best with the scene.

Dark Princess.. HUHH..

It was really out of nowhere but a good one.
Kurumi: The one who controls time
Origami: The Princess of angels (might be the most powerful)
I am blessed…

My Score: 8.5/10


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