So much hype for this battle but… NO REGRET

Man/Beautiful girls I have nothing to say about this episode.

All the actions were great and when that teleporter vs mob battle was going to place I was like here it comes the best scene, I was so hyped and then Regin comes in the show, my eyes just popped out and then we all know what happened.

This is episode 11 of Mob Psycho season 2

The Great Master is here….

I laughed so much that my jaws are hurting right now.
Believe it Reigin is the best character. He is the strongest, the smartest, the king of strategy….
I just don’t have anything to say…..

I am out man…. my brain is still laughing..,. I mean so much action but Reigin is the last man standing.

I am out….

My Score: 10000000E0……../10


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