It’s time guys…

It was an amazing episode especially that rage shield.
Those special effects, sounds,… just great.

Let’s see what my thoughts are on this episode 11 of The Rising of The Shield Hero.

My Thoughts:
That Iron Maiden….
The start was good and that sound of one keynote of a piano being played again and again makes you feel like something big is coming.
Also, that old granny was really something man, I was really shocked when I see her fighting liking that.
And as usual our cute Filo is the fastest than any other hero while attacking, but the main thing that made me surprised was the Iron Maiden move. It was just great, the way Mc cast the spell and the art of the Iron Maiden was just booomm…

I love this move…

A great episode and still the most powerful character is Mc with his Rage shield and Iron Maiden move.

My Score: 8/10
Mann.. I wish I could have that iron Maiden move


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