Stop this, just stop this…

I hate this but we can’t change the fate/destiny. I knew that this was going to happen but still…

This episode 11 (I think) of Domestic na Kanojo anime.

My Thoughts:
Rui Route will be online very soon…
We all might have thought that Hina and Mc’s relationship will continue longer but it didn’t happen and those who ship Rui and Mc will be happy now.
As for the episode, It was good no doubt, had some great scene which were great no doubt and that’s it.

Let’s see what effect it will have on the relationship and we should not forget that Rui still has feelings for Mc. Also, that yellow-haired guy b gives me NTR fellings.

can’t say no to her feelings anymore…

It was a bit mature episode but still amazing and all those melodramas were good. It was good to watch it.

My score: 8/10


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