The Irregular at Magic High School anime review

This was the first anime, which told and showed me what truly it means to be OP/overly powered or too much powerful.

So today we will talk about my thoughts on my first Anime with OP MC, This is “MAHOUKA KOUKOU NO RETTOUSEI” or “The Irregular at Magic High School“.

My Thoughts:
When I first time clicked on this anime review, people were saying that it isn’t good, it has lots of info. on the magic rather than showing action or romance, which made me drop it lots of time before even trying to watch it but still I watched it and…. I just want to slap all those people who wrote those negative comments.

I had that bad image on my mind already before even watching it but the first episode with an incestuous feeling of sister towards her brother made me want to watch it and now I say it was great.

So what do you get when you will watch this anime?
My answer to all of you Beautifull girls and handsome guys is this:
-Badass Mc (literally not afraid of killing his own friends or family members if they hurt her sister)
Very, very, just too much beautiful cute little sister
-Harem (but not at a high level which could have spoiled the story)
Great Story
-Great Art
-OP Mc (one shot one kill no matter how strong enemy are)
Incest vibes
-Amazing ending music

Every great anime has its weakness,
-The info. on all the science and magic is too much but it had never spoiled my mood while watching the whole series.
Negative comments or review

She don’t like if someone try to hurt her Oni-Sama

It’s great and you will surely enjoy it, also, there is a movie so be sure to watch it and please just don’t read all those negative reviews about it.
Also, Never watch the anime in Low Quality! because you can only see the beauty of the Little sister in UHD (Ultra Hd).

My Score: 10/10

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4 thoughts on “The Irregular at Magic High School anime review

  1. See I liked this anime but I liked it for the science and magic parts and the world building and found the little sister part the less interesting part of the story. I think I would have preferred more stories involving magical research because it was an intriguing idea.


    1. I also liked science and all those explanation things but I am more into incest anime’s, So sorry for having weird taste….
      But I am surprised that you were interested in science as I don’t find much people into that…
      I’ll write your name in my note….


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