Is he just doing his Duty or is it just his obsession

Don’t know whether it was the last episode or not but it was a great episode. And this episode really makes you think that is the father of Mc truly doing his duty or is he just fulfilling his ambition/obsession. Let’s just think it later on and for now, let’s have chat about episode 12 of Dororo

My Thoughts:
Cruel Fate…
A mother who couldn’t protect her son, A father who is a leader has to protect his people, A young boy who has to understand the meaning of being a leader and a boy who has to suffer for everyone so that they could remain happy.
Which one is Right?
This was a great episode which makes you ask yourself, what is the right thing?
But let’s not ask yourself that question for now and talk about some great action scene in this episode. The action was really great. Mc vs his brother and then he killed that fox demon and then everything goes wrong as mother gave her blood to a demon but what I think here is wrong as she is now blind in motherly love of her son but then again the mother feels guilty.

Mann… this episode just makes you question again and again… But I really enjoyed it.

fate is the most cruel thing…

It was enjoying and beautifully done.

My score: 9.5/10

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