Domestic Girlfriend anime review

Yes, it is… the end
The season ended with Hina-nee taking all the blame and quietly moving to another place.

So shall we know what are my thoughts on this whole season of Domestic Na Kanojo or Domestic girlfriend.?

My Overall Thoughts:
It has the potential to be great…
The anime is mature, which means we get to see a lot of steamy scenes but don’t forget the Drama tag, which means there are emotional scenes also.
This anime is really great and has a lot of potential in it.
The anime tells us what it means to be in a relationship, making a commitment or what resolve it takes to be in a taboo relationship.
Also, give’s us a brief understanding of the adult world or life.

But hey this anime also has its own cons…
The Mc is the only problem in this anime as he doesn’t stick true to his feeling and his hearts goes from Hina-nee to Rui-chan (Main female characters and his sisters also), so that’s the only thing that I didn’t like a lot.

Can’t you stay true to your heart?…

It was great and truly worth your time if only you want to see some mature storyline as many of you may don’t like seeing emotional things because you hate reality. (It’s true)

My Score: 9.5/10
I loved it…

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