Shall I call FBI?

All the power of 8 angels were inside Mc and now mc is out of control, so what to do? Just kiss him.
This was the last episode and so far the journey was good and enjoyable.

So these are my thoughts on the whole season 3 of Date A Live.

Season 3 – My Overall Thought’s:
It was enjoyable but still…
This whole season (3) was good and enjoyable and full of surprises, especially Origami is now an angel. Great visual or art and 1 more loli in the harem list of Mc but….. it could have been great.
I just wanted the story and the character’s to be improved one.

Still it was a good one and I enjoyed passing my time with it.

Well that’s a true man’s duty…

It was good but it could have been great if only they would have focused on the character development and story, If only they had done that then it would be no longer a typical harem anime.
Still, it’s good.

My Score: 6.5 or 7/10
I am really sad as it wasn’t that much worth to ask others to give there time and watch it.


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