Your Name Movie Review – The most beautifully done movie

We all have watched this movie and I know there is nothing to talk about it still here are my short thoughts for those who might not have watched this movie.

Also, I think it’s best if you watch the movie in the original language and with the highest quality possible.

This is my thoughts on the most beautiful anime movie, “Your Name” or in Japanese, you say, “Kimi No Nawa

My Thoughts:
The idea or the one who created this theme of Time travel, body switching, and romance between them was really something new and it was done beautifully. I know there are people who will say they didn’t like it, as we all have our different taste but still i would say you should give it a try.

The movie shows you a lot of things which we might have seen it in different movies and anime but what makes it different is the way they do the artwork on those things which makes each and everything clear and beautiful.
The movie has great music (the best), great artwork (this is the only thing that made me want to watch it), shows you Japanese traditions (don’t know whether it’s true or not) and a story that you have never watched.

But it’s not like it’s good in everything as the only problem here is the story which people don’t like much as the story is great but it’s new to the audience that’s why people didn’t like it much and except that everything is done perfectly.

There is no way I will say that’s it’s not worth it as it has everything in it and yeah there are people who didn’t like it but I still think you should see the trailer and then decide whether you want to watch it or not.

My Score: 10/10

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