They really look Ugly…

Well, this is what happens when you stick to the right path, not just in a fantasy world but in reality also wait, why talk about reality? I am sorry.

This is episode 13 of The Rising of the shield hero, with new opening music, also the MV (music video) has some spoiler in it, which is good for us all, as it’s not that bad. So shall we talk about the episode?

About the episode:
A decent hero…
So, Ren is the only guy whom our Mc believes, which means that in future he might help our Mc, as for the episode it was great.
We again saw the rage shield and once again Mc being all alone with his team against all other heroes. Also, we get to know that spear hero is actually a lolicon, which was no surprise, and at the end, we could see that Raphtalia is kinda sad because another loli has taken a liking to his master. But we should not forget that Bitc*!, as she is planning something.

This will happen in future? A giant shield to protect….

It was enjoyable and really loved it. Hope that I could see the spoiler in the Mv very soon, as it looks damn cool but I also hope that Ren, in another team, would grasp the situation and gather heroes to work properly.
Mann… I really want Filo by my side…

My Score: 8.5/10


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