Shelter AMV Review

The reason I put this post in my art section also is because it’s a piece of Art for me.

So shall we talk about this anime music video.

My Thoughts:
Best Anime Music Video…
No matter how many times I listen to this song, no matter how many times I listen to this music and no matter how many times I hear those dialogues, I can still feel those emotions that I had felt the first time.

The theme of the music is (from my thinking): “The world is going to end and there is a father (who might be an engineer) who only has his daughter for the family. She is around an elementary kids age and her father makes a space machine which can keep her daughter safe in space so that even if he dies her daughter can live on.”

And here I feel sad for her daughter, as she is all alone in this whole universe with no one, but she appreciates her father works and can understand his love for her.
Mann… I am crying now…

I also want to be a father……

The way music is singed and the way the voice actor performed,… You can just feel the emotions.

[Note: I watched a review on this music video and they were pretty negative ones so I really want to say that those people who reviewed it were mostly people who don’t watch anime or don’t like them. So can you expect some good review?
Listening to music and watching music video is a different story, so watch it if you liked it.]

My Score: 10/10

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