Dororo Episode – 13: A new season

Well, first of all, let’s talk about the songs,
The opening song was really good and a bit mature so, if you don’t like to see some Gore (body anatomy or something like insects coming out of body stuff), then don’t watch it, but it only for few seconds.
And for the ending song, loved it. It like watching someone memories and felt great, it was smooth and clear.

So, music stuff is over now shall we talk about the episode?

My Thoughts:
It got more mature…
I knew that this anime will have scenes which will contain blood’s and dead bodies but this was…

Maturity level has increased…

Well, let’s forget it and talk about the episode, which was good, we also saw the mother of Dororo (not real), also, know Mc is struggling with emotions.

It was good and we can see the level of maturity has increased.
Enjoyed and yeah this is not for kids.

My Score: 7/10
The season has just started so let’s see what it has for us in the future.


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