One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 1!

Even I got surprised when I see that it’s really here, 2nd Season on this anime.
Just how long did we wait for this guys? Just how long did I wait to watch the first episode in the highest quality available? and do you want to know the thoughts on the first episode as well as was it worth for the wait?

My Thoughts:
The First impression is the Last impression…
It was the same as it was in the manga, but watching it in animation is different and yeah it was worth the wait.
They didn’t waste there time much and get into the action.
Our Mc being same as ever but I felt like his voice changed a little bit but it ok and Genos is as cool as ever.


The first episode was good and watching Genos in looking more sharp and cool was really great. Also, we saw The King (S-class hero) just like in manga and his character was the same as I guessed. I really enjoyed.

same as ever…

It was great to watch the first episode andIi really want to see more of it, also the music in the back was great (put on your headphones to know), that beats in one ear and the other ear… It was worth the wait.
And I am hoping for more.

My Score: 9/10


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