I don’t like it!

No matter how many times I see her face, I always get a pain in my head.
And this episode was not something that I like to see.

The is episode 14 of “The Rising of The Shield Hero” anime and my thoughts on it.

My Thoughts:
Disappointed but still have hope…
The start already gave my head pain but I was able to smooth it out by watching Cute Filo and I thought it will be an ok episode but the ending… Left me in a disappointment.
Melty making a wrong decision but it ok, I mean if you are put into that situation you might also do the same and then Rapthalia aiming her sword at the noble while crying, left me sad. I want to see her killing that noble but the way she is crying leaves me thinking that she can’t.

Will she be able to do it?

The episode was just ok and I really hope that in next episode she will kill that noble, without the help of the MC and if it not happens, then I am gonna drop this show.

My Score: No not in this episode…


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