Do you have social anxiety?

No need to say yes or no, as I can understand that feeling when you enter the new school or place and have to make new friends.

I put it on hold but now I regret it as it’s really a good anime.
Girl with social anxiety and she totally don’t know how to make friends and the daily life of her, I really like this story as I kind of relate myself to her.

So let’s talk about the anime, shall we?
This is “Hitoribocchi No oo Seikatsu” or “Hitoribocchi oo lifestyle” anime episode 1.

My Thoughts:
I can see my past…
I am really glad that I was able to go through those harsh day’s but this anime isn’t about me but about Hitori, and her lifestyle with those memes or gag characters… I love it.
The art was good and the story was also to the point.
And I am really happy for her as she was able to make a new friend in just 2 days as compared to me who took around months or did I even have any friend in my middle school?… well this isn’t about me but about her.

In my time we didn’t had those books…

It’s really enjoyable and I am damn sure to watch more about her lifestyle. Also, don’t think that it’s some girl’s only anime as it’s not enjoyable for any age or gender.
Totally enjoyed it.

My Score: 9/10
I can really see my past in this anime


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