Senryuu Shoujo Anime: First Impression – A Girl’s View

So this is how a girl sees her love or crush…Hmmm…..

But we are not here to know the girl’s view but for, what the show is and how good will it be.
So here are my first thoughts, after watching the First Episode of “Senryuu Shoujo” Anime.


(Main Female Character) – Airhead, Communication Problem, Crush on Eiji
Eiji Busujima (Main Male Character) – Delinquent, Likes writing Poem, Friend with Nanako, Loves his little sister, Big SisCom and he might be lolicon also…
not good in expressing himself.

Both Mc mainly talks in their club, with there club president (forgot the name or did they even say her name?).

It’s beautiful and it’s not those sparkly type shoujo anime’s

Read it yourself if you are interested.

My Thoughts:
It turns out to be nice…
I really thought this is going to be some flashy type shoujo anime but it’s good Man… First of all, allow me to tell you that the music is really good.
It might be my first time to say that I liked shoujo anime music.
The first music was ok but the way it started made me hyped up but it ended in regret (not that bad) but the ending song changed my regret into happiness.
As for the episode, It’s just around 12 min. and filled with some minor gags in it, which don’t let you get bored.

Were you also the same as them in your time????

I think that they will focus on both characters, which will be good as it will allow the male audience to also watch it and because it’s 12 min episode, it will not let you get bored, as it will stick to its story.
Also, I really hope to see some Lolicon scenes of Male Mc (Just letting out my thoughts).

My Score: Let’s wait and see how good it will be or…


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