3×3 Eyes Anime Overall Thoughts – Nice

Alright guys it’s time to go back in time and see how good old anime’s were.

So, shall we talk about the anime which was released in 1991?
Here are my thought’s on 3×3 Eyes anime.


Pai: Female demon with a split personality and last of her kind
Yakumo Fuuji: Became slave of the female demon (2nd personality)

Journey of Mc to become human once again and romance between Mc and female demon.

When you get the weakness of your enemy…

Not the anime for those who love blood and other stuff as it’s quite mature, Also the anime has low quality and lot’s of camera flashes so be sure to not watch it in dark.
The story was simple and to the point with some funny scenes also so don’t worry, you won’t get bored.
Also, just telling, it has demons so expect many mature things (don’t think Henta* here).

It was a nice scene…

It’s hard to say but (even I am surprised) I enjoyed.
It was simple, to the point, funny scene, good fight scene especially the last one.
Also, the anime doesn’t have any opening or closing music, just with 30 minutes run-time with 7episodes.

Her body is really interesting..

My Score: 7.5/10

Also, she is the only character I liked…

Also, forgot to type, if you enjoyed reading the post then be sure to share your happiness with other’s or If you loved it a lot and want to do some good deeds for us then…


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