Bitter Memories and Big Responsibilities

Stop it!! Just stop it! I don’t like sad scenes…

Man, I really cry fast whenever I get too attached with the scene’s but it’s not time get attach with the episode but with you people and tell my thoughts on it.

This is Episode 14 of Dororo and my thought’s on this episode.

My Thoughts:
Fish Face?

That lord with Fish type-face really triggered my thoughts.
I mean that face is damn funny for me and also scary when the camera get’s too close to it, but let’s not about the fish guy but about the episode also.
Good episode and we also come to know that Dororo (Mc’s partner) has big responsibilities in his shoulder also. The episode also told us the value of money and also gave off the hint that in the future episode the main Mc will have character development and understand the value of family and relationship’s, as right now Dororo doesn’t get much feeling of a family, even being by his side.

Hahhaahha!!! it’s a funny face but scary also…

Enjoyed the show especially that butterfly monster, it was nicely drawn but wasn’t much scary which is good as I don’t like butterflies to be drawn scary.
And also hoping for big character development in future episode’s.

My Score: 8.5/10

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