This is Battle Royale Kid!

So the monster Garo is in the house now and his character is… really good.

Also, we got to listen to the opening song but I didn’t like it much because I couldn’t understand any words or rather I was unable to hear any words in the song but I enjoyed the closing song.

So shall we talk about my thoughts on episode 2 of One Punch Man Season 2 anime, where we got to see a lot of new and old character’s.

My Thoughts:
Hellish Blizzard, Milf?
The opening song was full of spoilers for the upcoming episode but that’s not what I am interested in, the hero that piqued my interest is the blizzard hero and I want to know, she a milf?
Hey, hey, hey, let’s not talk dirty and talk about the episode.
I enjoyed that sound of Genos when he got serious in fighting with that Ninja boy, Kinda gave off the feeling of a futuristic fight and when that ninja boy’s hair got cut down… I thought he is a girl.
I seriously thought that but I remembered once again that he is a boy and a question came in my mind, Trap?

No, I am sorry…

Great fight scene’s, with amazing special sound effect and as a bonus got to see a milf and trap (i am lying). I enjoyed the episode.

My Score: 9/10


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