Wait… WHAT!!!

When I see this scene, I was just going to drop it from my watch list but I thought to wait and watch the full episode and it’s good that I waited.

So, want to know what led me to almost drop this anime?

This is episode 15 of “The Rise of The Shield Hero“, anime.

My Thought’s:
Still disappointing…

As I said in my previous post (which is episode 14 of this anime), that I want Raphtalia to grow into strong character and thus she has to kill that pig-faced man but it didn’t go that way, though she killed him but, not the way I wanted.
I didn’t like it.
But the episode was not about that only, the episode showed us how hard her (Raphtalia) life was and what she is left with.
But the episode didn’t end yet as the main battle will happen in next episode with T-Rex (yeah, you heard it correct).

My Camera is shaking!!!

Disappointing but still gonna continue watching it as she still has time to grow more(not sure) but, I didn’t like this episode.

My Score: 7.5/10


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